Having worked with a large number of clients over the years I have seen some common themes emerge between those clients who tend get better results and achieve their goals and those who tend to plod along and struggle to see results. I thought it would be useful to jot down a quick list of what I see as being some important areas and keys to success if you are to get the most out of your personal training sessions.


Keep your session times and if you can’t make it, organise another time throughout the week.

One of the main reasons you’ve chosen personal training over a gym membership or group sessions is the one-on-one attention and tailoring of your exercise program. Your personal trainer plans each session with your overall progress in mind. Regularly missing sessions can obviously hamper your progress in achieving your specific fitness goals, whether to lose weight, tone-up or gain strength.

Move at Lease Four Times a Week

You need to sweat-it-up at least four times a week. Sit down and work out what you’re going to do at the beginning of each week.

Remember that this is a lifestyle change. Personal training is a great way to achieve quick, focus results, however, unless you back it up with additional exercise activities throughout the week, you will not achieve the results you’re after. Sit down with your personal trainer and work on a realistic and achievable fitness plan for additional activities to complement your sessions.

Eat Well

You need to eat! Yes that is correct, I’m telling you to eat. You need lots of fresh, clean, healthy and non-processed foods. The more green the better. Cut back on your starchy white foods; drink plenty of water and save the alcohol for the weekend.

Each day should be started with a good breakfast; this could be oats with fresh fruit, eggs with leafy greens, yoghurt and fresh fruit or some whole grain seedy toast with fresh tomato and a sprinkle of feta.

Morning tea and afternoon tea could consist of an apple or banana and ½ cup of walnuts, a small tub of yogurt (just watch the sugar content), and fresh fruit, or a small salad and chicken. Try some veggie sticks and dip, but be sensible and don’t polish off the whole tub.

Soup can be a great nutritional choice for lunch. Fresh is best, but if you’re buying it, get the soup sold in the refrigerator section keeping an eye out for the calories and salt content on the side of the packaging. Another lunch option is a salad and chicken wrap; I use mountain bread and try to cut back on the cheese. Also consider a salad with your choice of meat; you can try cooking extra the night before and keeping some aside for lunch. Remember to keep it clean and fresh.

I recommend planning ahead of time what you’re going to eat and make a shopping list, prepare food and have it in the fridge. If you have it ready to go you’re less likely to pick or grab something out of convenience and eat something you shouldn’t. Remove the temptation at home and don’t buy those foods you know you struggle with. When shopping, stick to the fresh food and meat sections of the supermarket avoiding the chips and sweet isles.

It’s important to reduce the harmful unhealthy foods from your diet, but too many people go to the other extreme of not eating enough throughout the day which can be just as damaging.

Be Accountable

If you tell someone your fitness plan for the week, you’re more likely to stick to it. Call me if you’re not feeling motivated. An excellent technique I recommend is to find a fitness buddy to train with and be accountable to. This may be a partner, friend or family member who is also actively looking to get healthier. Sit down and make certain fitness commitments to work out together. It’s much easier to get yourself motivated and out of a fitness slump when working at it with someone else.


Get enough rest and make sure you’re going to bed at a decent hour. Rest is essential in allowing your body to properly recover and prepare itself. Another common mistake I often see is the tendency for people to overtrain which can inevitably lead to burn-out or injury.

Closing Comments

These are just a few suggestions to help you with your health and fitness. Remember most people don’t wake up and go “Yay it’s time to train”, sometimes you just have to move through the motions. If you focus and apply the above suggestions, you should start to see some good results and get the most out of your personal training sessions. Please chat to me if you feel like you’re not getting to where you want to be. Let’s make it happen.