Whether you’re planning to have a child, currently pregnant or you’ve just recently had a baby, regular exercise provides many obvious benefits including: improved physical fitness and strength assisting in labour, improved blood pressure, reduces chances of gestational diabetes, reduced weight gain during pregnancy and can improve the postpartum recovery process.

Fitness for mums-to-be and new mothers.

OhSo Fit runs prenatal and postnatal exercise classes designed specifically for pregnant women and new mothers. The sessions include a mix of: light aerobic exercise, pilates, resistance exercise and stretching. In additional to improving general physical fitness and strength the classes overall focus is on regaining and improving core and abdominal strength, pelvic floor muscles conditioning and working on those tummies, thighs and hips.

No two pregnancies are the same and the sessions provide an encouraging and supportive environment where women can discuss and work on many of issues that can arise from and during pregnancy such as: abdominal separation (diastasis recti abdominis), nutritional concerns, fatigue and blood pressure

While exercise during and after pregnancy provides many benefits, it’s also a time great change for your body and it’s therefore important get the right advice and guidance. These classes are run by Belinda Salan who is a qualified Prenatal and Postnatal Instructor, who as a mother of three, has gone through the challenges of pregnancy, labour and post baby recovery. Session times and locations can be found on our women's group session timetable page.

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